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古晋2/12/2008日讯---晋中发生火患. 被烧毁的该栋危楼内总共有2楼,1楼与2楼为科学室、底楼为圣约翰救伤队、红新月会、储藏室及2间厕所。火患发生时间是今日下午1时零7分.


Sejarah: Laporan Majalah KHS 1973

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sejarah: Laporan Majalah KHS 1973

The beginning of 1973 marks a new life for the St. John Ambulance. Despite all diffculties, the ambulance has stepped into the public. Nevertheless, it continues to play an important role in our country, gradually gaining its publicity.

One whole year has elapsed since our members entered the organization to learn first aid and nursing. The first group has already sat for their examination. Most of them passed except a few girl members. Besides First Aid and Home nursing, we learn to become good citizens ,follow the ways of life exemplified in the Code of Chivatry. The main items are:

To serve Gad.

To be royal to the King and to my Officers.

To observe the motto of the Ambulance which is "Pro Fide et Pro Utilitate Hominum" meaning "For the Faith and For the Service of Mankind.

To be thorough in work and play.

To be truthful and just in all things.

To be cheerful and prompt in all I do.

To help THE suffering and needy.

To be kind to all animals.

Our group is under the supervision of our Senior Assistant, Mr. Poon Miang Tee and Madam Wu Fang Ling. Mr. Poon has been appointed as a Corp Superintendent of the St. John Ambulance by the commissioner, Mr. Ang Lai Soon.

This year, we have quite a number of activities most of which were celebrated publicy with few privately among our members. Here are some of the remarkable ones:-

On the 12th of February, we were invited to participate in a campfire held at the Boy Scout Headquarter in conjuction with the Canadian Youth Fellowship Exchanging Scheme. During the campfire, we were to demonstrate First-Aid such as resuscritation and many others. We were delighted especially when our group was performing a dance to entertain the party.

On the 8th to 10th April, the St. John Ambulance held its First Training Camp at the seaside resort of Santubong. It lasted for three days. Despite the limited time, the tour was a joyful one, It helps to deepen the .friendship among the members of various units. However, its main target was to erect a spirit of enter-prise within the members. During the course, many information was conveyed. There were only eight out of the thirteen units taking part in this memorable occasion. They made up a team comprising of both boys and girls from various schools totalling ninety-two members, excluding the officers and press-reporters. During that occasion, our school sent seven members due to some inconvenience.

Our school had its second annual school athletic meet on the 21st and 22nd April at the Jubilee Ground. We participated in the parade and march-past during the opening ceremony. Moreover, our boys and girls were also res­ponsible for the first-aid duties.

In conjunction with the celebration of the "Hari Belia Negara" - the National Youth Week, there was a flag selling campaign on the 11th and 12th of May. On the 13th of May,there was a community project in which the members of all organization provided voluntary service at the public in all branches e.g. cleaning and washing. Moreover, there was a march-past and parade on the 15th of May at the Central Padang. We took part in almost all the items especially the first-aid- duties on the 15th of May.

On the 6th of June, which was the Agong's Birthday, some of our members were selected to join the parade.

At present, most of our members are from Form Five, Form Four and some from Form One. We hope that the students of Form Three, Two and Transition classes would come and join us.

Lastly, I would like, hereby on which behalf of the unit, to express our thanks to our school which has given us much support Our grateful thanks also go to our lecturer, Dr. Chua, Mr. Poon Miang Tee and the Staff-in-charge, Madam Wu Fang Ling.

G. Josjustine (Captain)21st May, 1973